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G's Groove Challenge

I thought after my last post that I would do something a bit different for me... and a bit more mainstream. This morning I made this quick video as a "Groove Challange". This is my very first attempt at this and I know that the sound, video, my talking...all need some work.

I would love to hear from you all and if you like, post a challenge of your own!

Gina "G"
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I really like that groove!!!!! Nice job Gina :)

Question: I notice you exchange ghosts for full notes when transferring the groove to the toms compared to your example using snare only. Is that deliberate to "beef up" the vibe?


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Thanks! Yes, I decided to show a bit of what it could sound like not only working around the kit but if the dynamics of a song came up a bit. As I do more of these, my explanations will hopefully get better. :)