Group Drum Kit Lessons - Good Idea or Bad? - Questionnaire


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I'm currently in my final year at Falmouth University studying music.

I'm writing a dissertation about group drum kit lessons using electronic kits and wanted to to see what peoples opinion's were of this. I've got a load of questions if anyone can answer any of them it would be awesome.

Don't hate me because of the electronic kit thing, I'm thinking of using the electronic kits for practical purposes i.e. noise reduction, smaller drum kit footprint, easier student monitoring.

Here are the questions

Have you ever done any group teaching or learning before?

What it is the value of group drum teaching?

How many students do you teach at a time?

What do you think is the maximum number of students?

How have you found it?

What do you think are the benefits of group learning?

What are the drawbacks of group learning?

Does it still tick the same boxes as one to one tuition does? Or are you restricted to what you can teach?

Do the students end up learning a specific version of drumming because of the group nature?

What will wearing headphones take away from the teaching?

Does it turn into something that is more an experience rather than a learning experience?

Does it become more about the opportunity to play drums?

How would you improve in a group environment?

How do you enable and measure improvement if you’re teaching multiple students?

Why is it a good idea?

Why is it beneficial?

Why don’t more people do group drum teaching or any type of group instrument teaching?

Do you think students learn differently when in a group compared to one on one?

Do you think one to one teachers are scared starting group lessons?

I really look forward to you answers/opinions


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Re: Group Drum Kit Lessons - Good Idea or Bad?

Sorry, not answering your question.

Tell Antti Saario that Duncan Taylor says hi...