Groovy/catchy songs to jam to?


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All these are throwbacks to the '70s soul.

Any James Brown, Sly Stone, Commodores, Ohio Players, Graham Central Station, Chic (Nile Rodgers creation at the time) Earth Wind & Fire. Motown, Atlantic, Stax for the roots. Bootsy and various P. Funk. Prince.

You can chase down more obscure things like the Sons of Champlin or Cold Blood.

Newer stuff like Soulive.

It's awesome that folks like Mayer hire Steve Jordan for this, Nile Rodgers is back in the saddle and newcomers like Bruno Mars (who can play as well as write) are paying tribute to music with real groove. But the roots are deep and the river wide. Just as there is more to the blues than Eric Clapton or Peter Green, soul music is a big subject.

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If you like the daft punk stuff go back to Michael Jackson's bad and thriller. There's a few great songs in those albums. PYT, human nature, billie jean, smooth criminal etc

RHCP - funky monks
Steely dan - home at last

Some toto songs are great too. And some jamiroquai... the list is endless. I'm gonna check out a few suggestions made before me actually.


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John Mayer's album Room For Squares is a great album to play along to. Nothing too complex and very heavy on the feel. When I got back into drumming, I would play along to many of those songs.