groove juice on 'brilliant finish' cymbals?


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i bought the stuff today cuz my cymbals need em bad lol, but on the bottle it says 'Do not use on coated cymbals'. does a 'brilliant finish' count as coating?

i have the 21" zildjian a sweet ride brilliant finish


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coated cymbals probably refers to the new black zildjians and alphas, or colorsounds, platinum, titanium etc.... cymbals that have a color coating on top of the actual cymbal.

Groove juice should be fine for brilliant cymbals, just watch it around the labels, it has a tendency to take them right off.


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I don't know? I would shoot a note to Zildjian. Groove juice literally ate the glaze off of the tile on my kitchen counter!

Be very careful with it!


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I use Groove Juice on my A Customs (very brilliant finish) all the time and they do a great job. I would not use it on Paiste though. You should be fine. Diluted Groove Juice does a great job cleaning up hardware too.