groove essentials 2.0


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Thanks! I haven't gotten a chance to view any of those yet. I will check them out...

Cool..Yes, I would say Petrillo's is ideal because of all the play alongs included as well as a DVD, and the grooves are pretty challenging, with some Linear ideas as well...and his pocket is s sick.

Gavin's is trickier in a musical way, because of the timing of the songs and grooves..Wonderful musicality

Todd is sick as well, but great grooves..wish there were play alongs.

Plus, all three of these guys GET IT..they play great, and have great personalities, give you alot of inspiration and instruction without the "I'm the schnizzle" vibe..That was my initial point..



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Hehe, well, like I said, I didn't want to sound rude, but maybe it got the better of me.
Even though it's your opinion and all that, I still can't believe that if you truly dig into this you won't find great challenges. I can find tons just focusing on the rock chapter, and I've been playing for 9 years and counting. But hey - if it doesn't float you boat, that's fine! =)

Well, if somebody can read through the Nanigo and Songo charts first time through with no problem then this is not the book for them. :)

There are two ways to look at music. That is as a collection of standardized forms and styles or as a theoretical system of notes and numbers. Both have their value. Tommy gives you the former. Truthfully, I found just getting into the first groove for five minutes a challenge. You learn in music that it is not what you play but how you play it. And if you can make it music no matter what it is then you are a musician. I used to play a game with my students. I'd ask them to play a beat and than say, "Stop, was that good for you." When they would say no, I would say, "if it isn't good then when is it going to get good. It needs to be interesting for you from the moment you start. That is music."


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Yeah, great drumming and enthusiastic presentation by Tommy Igoe.

Stil find the Purdie shuffle tricky though!


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I would thik of the Purdie shuffle as , well a half-time shuffle shuffle. That is a stream of eighth note triplets: one-trip-let, two- trip-let, three- trip-let, four-trip-let, with the downbeat and let on the high hat and the 'trip' and downbet of three on the snare drum. If you play the trip of 3 that is the Jeff Porcaro variations, The Purdie doesn't have it. See if that helps.


I just received my copy. I have been sitting at my PC watching a lot of it.
Right up front, Tommy indicated that he does not repeat anything from GE #1. It's a continuation.

His twisted DW's and K-cymbals are super-sweet!

He articulates his lessons extremely well. Between his two cd's, there is a huge yield of grooves, techniques and ideas.

I have not finished the dvd yet, but there is no question that it is excellent!


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Another thumbs-up for this DVD. I am your average rock drummer I guess, and there are plenty of ideas on here to challenge your independence and your ear. It is also easy to work with, since he goes by the poster top to bottom and breaks down each groove thoroughly and sprinkles in related concepts here and there.

Good job Tommy!