Groovallegiance Debut was awesome!!!


Just wanted to let you guys know that I went to the debut of Groovallegiance at The Collective the other night. It was really a great experience, and the band was really smokin. I got the chance to not only hear some great music, but after each tune, they talked about how the groove was created, the thought process, etc. Pat and Gary Grainger have an amazing chemistry, just like Dennis Chambers and Gary have. Effortless interplay, and the grooves were a variety of feels, from 16th Fusion/Funk, to "in the cracks" Meters style stuff, Neo Soul, you name it. They played one of the tunes that's on Pat's myspace, "Uncle Fungus", a really phat, swampy groove..

This group, to me, is like a throw back group the the New York R&B/Funk Jazz groups of the 80's, Steps Ahead,Stuff, early Scofield..

He said the CD will be out in early '09. Pat didn't have his new Ludwig kit (his tech was out of town), but he brought 3 snares, Supraphonic, classic maple, and a side snare.

Great show, Pat, and thanks for the insight into your playing with this great group!

That Guy

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Wow, what a treat buddy! I'll bet you will keep that in your head forever. It makes me wonder if these musicians really understand the impact they have on simple guys like us when its only probably a simple side project for them, yet its the world to us.

Pat Petrillo

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Hey, man! Great to see you at the Collective, and thanks for the post. Glad you dug it, and everyone showed such great enthusiasm and response to the music. It is rare that I get to play with my band "live" in clinic, as opposed to my "band in the box" iPod...

I think it's the first time we tried to squeeze 60 people in that room! Too tight for comfort.

All the Best!