Groin Hernia - Anyone? - Also Leg Spread


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Hi All - I'm a new poster here but a few people here know me from a very ancient forum called "drumheads." Glad to see some familiar people and am looking forward to meeting new ones.

I've been having some struggles with sitting comfortably and it's relative to not feeling balanced at the kit. I think it stems largely from a groin hernia on my right side which fatigues my right leg. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar problem and find out what they did to get through it. Maybe there's some way to wrap the area that I haven't thought of that can take some of the job of keeping that right leg partially lifted away...

Also I was wondering how far people spread their legs when playing. I use a double pedal, and I've always used it at it's shortest possible length (DW arm) and I've been trying to spread it out thinking maybe I can be a little more balanced and take some work away from the right groin, but it feels rather uncomfortable and I'm kind of amazed that people can play their hi-hats as comfortably... I'm sure it's just a matter of muscle memory and what I've been used to, so I'm trying to decide if it's worth playing through to get used to or not.