grip tape suggestions


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i used tennis grip tape with electrical tap wraped around the top of the grip

(this is a yr old and dosent hurt my hands at all)


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Most of the overgrips from major racquet companies are thicker/spongier. Wilson, Head, Babolat, Dunlop, Prince, Yonex,

this is my method: after testing diferent kind of grips, most of them were too thick and they increase too much the diameter of the stick. I've found that tennis racket over-grip were the thinnest but they were too spongy. so to solve that, after I wrap the stick, I put them under water for a a minute or so until the overgrip absorbs as much water as it can, then I take them out of the water and I wrap them with film (the one used for coocking) really tight, and you leave them for a couple of days. Then you remove the film and you'll find the over grip nice and Compact, not spongy at all but with even more grip.