Grip and finger length


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Same with Steve Jordan, he's so far back on the stick I just don't know if he can play doubles. He sure can groove though.

His stick is really long too. I bought some instead of the HD4s I normally use. Had to cut about 3/4" off the butt just to make them feel right. They are very top heavy, and no I couldn't play doubles with them very well at all. The bounce of that stick just sucks.


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no one uses hammers to put nails in trim or to frame it's all pneumatic ... at least not for the past 30+ years

my father built houses for his entire life and I worked along side him from pretty much 13 on ... I have almost no memory of anyone using a hammer to frame or to do trim and I was born in '74

drywall as well ... everyone uses guns ... though I do have more memory of hammers being used for drywall than the others ...

roofing as well ... all pneumatic nailers

I had a new roof put on 8 years ago and one of the selling points of the company, for quality, was that they don't use nailers, but every nail is hand driven. The art still exists.