Gretsch Renown Replacement Drum Heads- Any tips?


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Does anyone have suggestions for replacement heads for their gretsch renown kits(or others)? Should I also consider replacing the resonant heads as well or just start with the batters?


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My Renown did extremely well with Ambassador over Ambassador. Clear on the reso. Coated or clear on the batter.

If you're an Evans person, I imagine G1/G1 will perform almost identically.

The only reason to use a different head is if you experience an issue with, or need to tone down, single-ply/single-ply.


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I use an ambassador on the rack tom/snare and an emperor on the floor tom. I haven’t bothered changing the resos on my Renown and I find that’s a good setup.


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I have Coated G2's over coated G1's on the 13" rack and the 16 " floor. Gives me a nice warm tone.

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I bought an older renown set with slightly-used heads. (The seller may have used something else and put the original heads back on for the sale.)
Anyway, the resonant heads were very thin, maybe 7 mils. The toms were much easier to tune to a lower pitch when I replaced the heads with regular Evans G1 10 mil reso heads.


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I have tried almost everything Evans, and do best with coated G2 over clear G1