Gretsch Renown Maple or Yamaha Stage Custom ?


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Indeed Cherry Burst. I have the same kit.

I would love to add a 16" floor tom.
I'd love to get a 16" floor tom too but they're a little pricey brand new (around $500).

This kit is 2007 model, is it any different to the ones that are being made i 2012-2013 ?
I don't think there's any significant difference, no. If you had gotten the slightly older version, they had a drilled kick and a hanging floor. This one is much better IMO.

A great kit, congrats!


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Nice! I love that finish. There was a set at GC like that. By the time I made up my mind, someone had come in the day before and bought them. I "settled" for the amber fade they had at the same price. Turns out the "someone" who bought the cherry ones is a friend of mine. At least they went to a good home.

Hurgerburger Toadman

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Ultimately up to taste of shell... The Renowns certainly seem to have much nicer hardware though. Iso mounts on the toms instead of being screwed into the shell, and they have rubber gaskets on the bass drum claws and under the rest of the hardware whereas the Stage Customs don't. Not that that makes THAT much of a difference though really...