Gretsch Hammered Steel Snare

john gerrard

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Has anyone ever played one of these? Or know anything about them ? It's 14 x 5. I'm really not one for metal snares but I'm thinking maybe being hand hammered with die cast hoops the sound might be tamed down some. Would like your opinions any way.

I have two Gretsch kits, a Renown and a Cat Club Jazz. I'm looking for a all around snare that would work with both kits. Thanks, John


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John, I have the new Gretsch Brooklyn Hammered COB snare and love it. It is my main snare now. I use this with my Gretsch Renown set as well.


john gerrard

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Gruntersdad, That is a beautiful snare. The one I'm looking at and askinf about is the steel hammered version. Do you think thr hammering makes very much of a difference? Thanks, John


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The Hammering puts dimples in the metal. Those dimples makes the metal stiffer and less able to flex.

Acoustically, on the inside of the shell it would be less smooth. However, I beleive stiffening up the shell would bring more of a change in the sound then the smooth or rough inside shell. I would equate the stiffer shell to choosing different wood materials or going to a plastic shell.