Gretsch gold series


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The year before last Gretsch was practically giving these away at the Chicago Vintage Drum Show.
$200 for the 6.5 x 14
$100 and change for the 13" size.

People were buying 4 and 5 at a time then you saw all sorts up on EBay.


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I had no idea that Gretsch made some products in Thailand. I wonder what the "high level" wood is.
Well it's listed as Maple, but they are not on the Gretsch site any longer.


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They did this w/ the Oak stave a couple years ago too and I got picked up for just under $250. I may pull the trigger on the maple version too.


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Some people love stave drums. I don't like the sound of stave shells, however. Especially the thicker ones.

They have an upper-midrange tonality to them that I find unpleasant. No warmth, just aggressive tone.

To me they're like the snare version of B8 cymbals.