Gretsch Flavor


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Go for it.
You only live once.
You've probably got some stuff you could sell off to help pay for it.

Not realistic, I know. Just trying to do my job as a forum enabler - ha ha.

I kinda' like that set too.


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Yes I agree with WildBill. Beautiful and timeless classic kit ....go for it, with a vengeance!!


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I’m not usually wild about satin, but that looks great. It’ll look even better in your drum cave!


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I saw this. At some point, I'm going to share the good news about a recent order I placed...


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If at first you don't succeed,.....and all that.

Some things actually do work out surprisingly well.

I think that kit would put a huge smile on the Mayor's face every time he walked in the room and saw it.


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Beautiful. Saw that on Gretsch FB page. That's a stay at home kit right there. I can't imagine gigging that in a bar. That's my only beef with satin finishes. They look great but not real practical.

Old Dog new Cans

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When I was a young dude, could actually grow hair on my head, I liked the crazy color--flashy looking kits.
But nowadays, I love the wood grain look. That's a great looking kit.


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Mr. Mayor, I was in Dave's yesterday evening and saw the kit Groov-E listed. It pretty darn close to what you have in your pic.
Although second hand, it is a VERY nice kit. Email, or better yet, phone up Dave, he's very good to deal with, and he ships to the U.S, Europe, etc.
Come on, live a little !