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I'm just curious,.if you liked Ludwig so much,and will miss them live,then why change to Gretsch?

Why not endorce what you like to play?

Steve B


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I'm curious as to why you'd take an endorsement spot with Gretsch and come on a public board and talk about how much you'll miss Ludwig. That's not a real endorsement in my book. I know several people with several endorsements. People here seem to think it's a situation to brag about. In reality it's a relationship that helps the professional, working musician and the company.


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The lack of responses is because of the ambiguity in your opening statement.

It's like looking for a reaction from friends when you say "I just met Mary and we are dating
but I really miss Nancy after going out with her for 2 years". Most everyone is going to ask
why are you dating Mary when you miss Nancy so much? (and she is still there and waiting)

Something like that anyways......

It is further compounded when you say that you like a certain sized bass drum and will
now have to settle for something different. In other are not showing us
that you are "head over heels" thrilled about endorsing Gretsch.

Hope this helps.
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I don't know about you but I'm a drummer not a salesman..
When you sign on as an endorser you agree to help promote/sell the product for the company. Why do you think they've offered it to you. You've also just become another customer. Do you need new drums? If you're happy with the Ludwig's you have why would you agree to buy new drums from Gretsch? They'll make the same full profit from you as selling to the music store. I think people think it's a great honor to become an endorser of a company. In effect you're just another customer, except now you're one who is expected to help peddle their product. Do you have direct contact with people purchasing drum equipment? I wish you luck!!


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Congrats! You really did not have to say anything about Ludwig. You chose to, and some readers did not take it the way you intended.

I hope you like the Gretsch drums you will be playing better than the Ludwigs. I certainly like mine. Peace, goodwill, and blues.


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No, I think people would just rather be ignorant! Maybe I should start getting ignorant on here!!! Sorry I own other nice drums!! They never did me any wrong!! What I can't have a 26" kick? It's what I play and always will !! I'm sorry I posted this because obviously someone like you doesn't have nice drums!
That is an exceptionally low response.

The issue here is that you seem to be 'settling' with Gretsch. What are you gaining from your deal with them? Are they offering logistical support and custom options? If so - great for you, I would love to have support from Gretsch.

Really though, why did you change over from your Ludwig kit? Is there any specific reason? Unless Gretsch are cutting you a great deal or extra support, I don't see what need there is for you to jump brand like that and that's why people are questioning this. Is it just an endorsement for the sake of an endorsement? Because that's pretty much how it seems to read.

In a deal like this, Gretsch would expect you to support their company and promote them. That would start with changing your avatar.


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Congrats! It's unusual for a name that big to hand out even an "artist program" discount, without a ton of shows or a national release under your belt. It's usually the territory of smaller custom companies. The more you work and maintain a good relationship with their artist rep,the level of of your deal could improve over the years.If you are going to be touring,you will need all the help you can get.


No, I think people would just rather be ignorant! Maybe I should start getting ignorant on here!!! Sorry I own other nice drums!! They never did me any wrong!! What I can't have a 26" kick? It's what I play and always will !! I'm sorry I posted this because obviously someone like you doesn't have nice drums!
I've negotiated endorsement contracts in the past, but always having nice, great sounding drums, I never wanted to put all my eggs in one basket. In my modest opinion, settling for for an endorsement with Gretsch because it could not happen with Ludwig is a little like whoring yourself out a bit and taking what you can get. Gretsch is a good company, but it wasn't your first choice and now your first choice in drums are going to be sitting in the corner. I couldn't or wouldn't do what you did because I enjoy playing exactly the drums I want to play in public appearances. Most people are very happy to be able to endorse a company just for the sake of having an endorsement. I'm not saying that you are one of these individuals, but you are turning your back on the drum company you really love by not playing them in public.

Good luck with what you are doing.



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Sure was!

If someone punched you in the face are you going to stand there and take it?

I didn't think people would be as rude as they have been so far on here. Now I've had enough!!
Actually, I have stood there and taken it before. I suppose it helps being twice the size of the person that does so.

If you have a deal with any company, you need to start acting professionally. You are representing the interests of the company as well as yourself. So far, you have acted anything but professionally in this thread.


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Kg, I understand why you feel like you do. It's really cool to be endorsed by a great company, and you are excited and wanted to share.
Now if someone else made a thread about the exact same thing, new endorsement but gonna miss the old stuff....if it wasn't you that made the thread...would you agree with the points that were brought up?

I'm on your side, but being unbiased, the points raised are valid.
Everyone here is on your side, they're just trying to make it clear that if a Gretsch rep reads this.... it may not bode well for you. Think of it as us having your back.


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Musicians look up to others that have achieved professional success in the form of sales, endorsements, etc.

You're being comically unprofessional and frankly you sound like a spoiled brat.

Have a great week.
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