Gretsch Catalina Club or Catalina Birch


Hey guys. Haven't posted in a while but I hope you'll all be forgiving and as helpful as you always are O:) haha
So I have a Tama Superstar in sizes 22, 16, 13, 12. This is currently my main set but I've been wanting to leave that kit at church and have another set I can have at home and also bring around if I need to.
A couple good deals came up on craigslist...
One guy is selling a 6pc Gretsch Catalina Birch for $250
Another is selling a Gretsch Catalina Club for $300

I know the Birch is technically better and cheaper in this case but the main concerns I have are that it's gonna need new heads, some work in terms of hardware, they're older/kinda uglier and they're bigger drums. I don't have anything against those sizes but I already have a Tama Superstar that I love.
The Catalina Club has good heads already, it's a newer and better looking set, it would be convenient to have a smaller kit for a lot of different reasons, and he's gonna give me some hardware with it so I don't have to rebuild a hardware collection... but it's a bit more expensive and my budget is tight.
I figure i'd be saving more by buying the Catalina Club anyway cause I'd have to buy new heads and hardware with the birch... I guess my question is: "Is the Catalina Birch so much better that I should overlook this Catalina Club to get it, even though it will be a bit more inconvenient for me?"
btw, idk if this affects anything but I have all A Custom cymbals. Maybe the brighter sound would go better with one kit over the other?
Thanks a lot guys! u guys are the best

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The clubs will eventually need new heads too (as will all drums) so I never factor heads into price consideration. It's like pricing groceries while remodling your kitchen. They are an expendable.

The Birch kit has more drums, with better shells, and a more classic look that you won't be as likely to grow out of. AND, they are cheaper.

The Clubs look cleaner and comes with some hardware. But here is the kicker... that birch snare needs parts which will jack the price up. If you can talk down the birch kit price, I'd buy them. If not, then get the clubs.

I wouldn't want that deeeeeeeep bass drum, but you might like them. Good luck!


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He doesn't say, but the clubs look to be in better shape. Number of drums versus finish versus budget.


I know it's a sick deal but I just have a more practical need for the CCs. And my budget and time is tight so I can't afford to fix it up and/or flip it for profit even.kinda need a kit I can start using right away


Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I did in fact go with the Catalina Club Mods.
I'm extremely happy with my choice and I'm almost certain that I wouldn't have gotten as good of a deal if I went with the Catalina Birches.

So I payed $270 and he gave me
Catalina Club Mod, kick, snare tom, and floor tom (with floor tom legs, clamp to a stand, with the stand)
All in perfect condition. He played them only once for a studio session.
All have remo ambassadors on the batter side,
Kick has an aquarian superkick 2 new, and an aquarian resonant side head,
an extra cymbal stand
snare stand,
and to top it all off, get this.. .he said he'd give me a kick pedal but he gave me a dw 4000 in great condition. All i need to do is add a second beater and buy the left kick attachment and I have myself a new double pedal hahahah

The dude said he's getting a DW kit so he just didn't seem to care that he was not getting a very good deal hahah
at the end of the day, i'm a very very happy camper.
thanks for the help guys