Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz - Tuned low for hard rock (Video)


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I've been eyeballing all of the smaller kits out there (like everyone else) and wanted something portable and decent sounding to use for rehearsals. I play modern hard rock in an original band and needed something to fit those tones.

I didn't think this Catalina Jazz would be able to do it, but the sales dude did a quick tune and setup in the store and I was shocked at how good the toms sounded tuned low.

Decided to buy the kit today and try it out. Put an Evans Emad on the bass batter and clear Emporers on the 12" and 14" toms. I have a new snare head (Ambassador), but I didn't put it on yet.

I tuned everything to hopefully sound more "hard rockish" and made this video. Let me know what you think of the tone and tuning.



PS - Picture of the set attached...



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Not bad at all. Doesn't sound jazzy at all with that tuning. I'll bet it sounds even better behind the kit.


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Its all about heads and tuning.
When I was coming up in the 60's the Rock guys simply put a pillow in the bass drum, removed the fromt head, and they put two ply heads on the toms and tuned them loose. They just did the opposite of the Jazzers to be different from them.

Then there were guys like Bonham who played big drums and tuned them tight for their version of the Rock sound.

The 18 inch bass drum was rare back then. Im sure that It existed but I never saw one.
It was all 20 and 22 inch for the most part.

Today the bass drum can be any size from 16 to 28 inches.
We have a head for any sound imaginable.
Anything goes!


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They sound good! I use mine in a blues band, which plays a little blues-rock too. I finally got a good sound on the 12" tom by drilling two holes in the shell and mounting the tom holder directly on the drum. It sounds MUCH better that way than with the DTS system that came with it or mounting it on a snare stand. So I finally like the 12" tom as much as I like the rest of it.

The floor tom has sounded good with whatever heads I have put on it. Same with the bass drum, but it REALLY sounded good at practice yesterday with an Evans EQ3 on the batter side. I am lovin' that little kit.

May yours bring you years of musical joy. Gretsch rocks!


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Just placed an order for two straight single-braced lightweight Yamaha cymbal stands, a Gibralter bass drum mounted ride cymbal stand, and some new clear Ambassador heads for the reso side of the toms.

I was so impressed with the tone of these drums that I decided to invest a little more in stands and stuff to put together what I expect to be a really killer "lightweight" rig.


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Can't watch that Silverstar Jazz video at work, but I will tonight at home.

I'll get to try this set out tomorrow night at band rehearsal. I don't expect the kick to put out much volume in that setting, but we'll see. Wish me luck. I really want this kit to work out for what I needed (portable rock kit.)