Gretsch Catalina Ash or Ludwig Accent Custom?


Gonna get one of these 2 in a few days, so just want to hear some thoughts between the 2? What do you prefer?

Both kits are 5 piece fusion sizes.


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Mapex Meridian Birch. Beautiful quality, amazingly low price. Just under $600 for a new 5-piece kit, with free shipping and no sales tax. (Check out eBay.)


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I personally own a gretsch catalina ash kit, i really like it, with good heads it can sound very good. I get a lot of compliments on my drums, plus you get the 8" tom, which i have fun tuning very tight, so it doesnt so much match the other toms, but it overs a nice pingy sound that stands out kind of like an octobon, so it stands out when you put it into a fill.


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I've been admiring the Gretsch lately. But I one of the Ludwigs, and I can't speak poorly of it.