Gretsch Brooklyn or Yamaha RC


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Thanks for all your thoughtful input guys!

I’m considering a 10x8/12x9 (or will that have too much sustain?) always had a great Sonor with that Tom tom sizes. When playing them short toms always felt thin to me. The amount of air etc, Obama just used to slightly deeper oldschool sizes.16x14 floortom with 22x16 kick. Think I just go for it. If it sucks I can always go back.


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I was concerned about my 12x8 sounding thin, but not even. There's plenty of sustain and you can get the tom lower than a 12x9. keep one thing in mind. The 302 hoops are around a 1/4 inch taller than standard triple flange, so 1/2 inch with both hoops. It may be a factor, if you like your toms low. I quite like my 14x12 and 16x14. With single ply heads tuned to the same note, the 16" will audibly sustain for 15 seconds. I have the 22x14 kick and it's very deep and punchy. No shortage there either. It's actually deeper and punchier than my old 22x18 PDP MX series.