Gretsch Broadkasters Vintage Build; Floor Tom Legs Rattle Against Rezo Hoop


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Hey All!
I just got my new Gretsch Broadkaster anniversary sparkle bop kit... And they're the real deal!
Perhaps too real? The hardware is all very true-to-era and I can appreciate that; after all, that is how I ordered them.
My only concern is the legs on the floor tom. The leg mounts hold the legs so close to the shell that when I pick up the tom, the legs literally rattle against the bottom hoop.
I seem to faintly remember legs doing this on really old drums, but not entirely sure about that. Seems kinda crazy to spend $3000 and have a design "flaw" that seems so easy to rectify.
But as I say, I asked for vintage build out, and perhaps this just comes with the territory??
I put pieces of paper towel to keep'em from touching and scratching up theses really nice hoops (see pic), but looks awful and seems like there should be a better fix.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Brad
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cut out some diamond shape spacers for the brackets? that's all I can think of without getting too drastic.