Gretsch Broadkaster Logo


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So I like the how the Broadkaster logo looks on the bass drum better than the standard Gretsch logo (which I've always kind of disliked). The Broadkaster logo just looks classier to me. Would it be considered a drumming faux pas to put a Broadkaster logo head on a Gretsch drums that aren't Broadkasters? Or am I overthinking this?



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Funny I was having this exact same conversation with myself (I'm not a psychopath really..) a couple of months ago. In the end I went for a Remo Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 on my Gretsch Renown as I loved the small Remo logo.



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I say go for it. I like the Broadkaster logo a lot too. Plus some of Art Blakey's kits had it (I don't think that was a Broadkaster in those days either, haha)
I considered putting one on my Catalina! I might still do it.


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The funny part is, Gretsch mixes those up themselves. Take my avatar as an example, it sports the Broadkaster logo. The BD head on the other hand has the drop g logo. Your shells came with the drop g, so can’t see you starting a war they haven’t already!


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It doesn't say Broadcaster, it says Gretsch. Got for it.
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