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Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm John. I am new to this forum. A little history, I was a clarinet and sax major in school and I have been playing same for some time now except for a few years when I decided to take some drum lessons and I became a drummer in a jazz group. Nothing major, but we did a few gigs around the Boston area. After I left that group I returned to the clarinet and sax playing some jazz but venturing off into concert and classical music. I kept my drum kit until 2015 when I decided I will probably no longer play them. Here I am now and I am getting the bug to play drums again. Can I just say I am growing tired of playing concertos and marches. I need to get a kit, but low on funds. I do have a go anywhere practice pad kit that I am starting out on until I can get a full kit. I figure its a good time to redo my basics and correct any mistakes or bad habits I acquired and I did acquire a few. Anyway, I am happy to be here and I hope to be posting here and on the Facebook group in the future.


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