Greetings! I'm new, so this is my introduction (video & recordings)


Hey all. My name is Stephen Gunn, I am a drummer from Kansas City. I have been playing for about 10 years. I am an interactive media designer for a small web solutions company, and I also gig around town and play a in the studio quite a bit. I will have to make a separate post about equipment, I have compiled quite a collection. Anyway, I just wanted to say whats up, since I plan on spending some time reading and posting here. I've been a frequent visitor of drummerworld for years, I just haven't ever used the forum.

I started a group called Mouth a few months ago and it's starting to pick up pretty well. We have audio and video online.

here is a quick jam we did:
here is a full live set:
here is a live video of a funk jam:

you can watch more videos and check out more music at

I am looking forward to reading and posting!

what the funk of it

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Mouth looks like a lot of fun. I play in a 3 piece instrumental funk band as well - I'm a little jelous of your bass player. You're a wicked drummer too - I really liked that transition from that half time groove into that rimclick shuffle at the very end of your youtube video. Good stuff, welcome home.


Hey thanks man. Transitions are so fun when you nail them as a group. The more we play the better we get at them.