Greetings from Keef


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Hey DW!
Finally signed up after lurking for YEARS... back beyond sticks' Saturn rant and the best cape for a gig era,through the demise of the Sun dog, Uncle Larry's generosity, and Andy's thinly veiled advertising... DW has been a fountain of inspiration and advice and i thank you all!
Anyway - want to do it right and so to introduce myself.
44 year old weekend warrior,playing for 38 years (started young!) completely self taught, gigging 65+ times a year and still loving it.
Done the monster kit downsize(due to age) done the DW Collectors swap for something half the price and have not regretted it once!
Done the Luddy vintage ( Vistalites) and the great Gretsch sound (Renowns) Done a few kits in fact - but nowhere near Bo's level of ins and outs!
Now playing Tama B/B and have never been happier - other than 369 days and counting for an add on F/T...curse you cites list!
Look forward to adding my two penneth to the next fascinatingly random Uncle Larry thread!