Greatest opening drum intro


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I always loved how this song starts like a slap in the face. Took me some time before i figured out what was happening. First time i heard it i thought 'what is the barrage of notes violating my ears' xD

Honourable mention (see what i did there?)


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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Dave Lombardo, the track Criminally Insane has a very simple yet great drum intro Also from Slayer but different drummer (Paul Bostaph) the intro to the song Killing Fields, he used quads to achieve that. Or Igor Cavalera from Sepultura the intro to Territory is legendary as well as the intro to... I believe the track is Stronger than hate. Very underrated drummer IMO.
or Megadeth with the intro to Five Magics was very popular at the time RIP Nick Menza.
Sadly, if you don’t include a link, those who haven’t heard it probably won’t. check it out


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I wanted to see if I could find a cool drum opening that's way off the beaten path. I think this one qualifies! He's playing a very cool jazz ride pattern before the main song kicks in.



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Too many to list.
These are iconic to me, and thought I’d throw them in.

As well as Shock Me and Strutter.

Love the interpretation of Apache through the Shadows cover, so smooth yet intense, reminds me Surf rock.

Warpath beat brings strong medicine.
-isai honł hał abáachi nnldzig which in Jicarilla translates to ‘bang the drum Apache brave’.

Honorable mention Hawaii 5-0 The Ventures.


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Sadly, if you don’t include a link, those who haven’t heard it probably won’t. check it out
I would but I'm at work where YouTube use is frowned upon.. also is metal and a large part of people in this forum would not even consider listening to it even though some of those drummers are great.


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I’m not sure if this one counts because it sounds completely programmed. Although, it’s a great tune, I always hate when it gets called on the bandstand. It’s kind of hard to pull off!

My drum instructor back in the day says it was pretty much a Linn drum.
Don Henley Boys of Summer too.
The "Taboo" beat is fun to play on your kit. Machine?.......most likely. If it's a Linn?....they got some custom sound eproms/chips or at least changed out the stock sounds. "Boys of Summer"?.....Linn with the stock chips.


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when you're the Leader, your band , and your Album


to this day the greatest, 1 of 2 jazz-rock fills ever imo, during trumpet solo , at 4:11 and I can't think of the other one.
Rock-gretsch-like hard surface Fibes drums.
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