Great Young Drummer Justin Chesarek

con struct

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I went to a weekly jazz jam last night, just to check it out, see who was around, and I heard a great young drummer. His name is Justin Chesarek. I stood there watching this guy and right then and there I decided that no way was I going to sit in that night!

His ride cymbal technique is flawless at all tempos. Such control! A beautiful thing to watch. Made me feel a little jealous actually.

I love seeing the young cats bring it like that. This guy's seriously good, if you live in Atlanta make it a point to check him out. His own band plays every Wednesday night at Churchill Grounds.

He's a hell of a nice guy, too, very sincere, friendly and modest. He also writes music. I'd really like to see this guy go places. I haven't been so impressed by a local drummer in a long time. I may even take a few lessons from him.

So keep an eye out for Justin Chesarek. He's the real deal.