Great snare / batter head combo I stumbled onto.


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For drum set snares, I have always used Remo Ambassador snare heads and always a single ply head on the batters, although the brand may vary. I get a good sound, so I never really thought much about it.

I picked up some drums cheap on CL recently. If the price is right, I like to clean them up and re-sell. Don't usually make a great deal of money. More of a hobby.

In my latest purchase, the stuff I bought included a 6.5x14" Gretsch Catalina snare. Nothing special. I think they sell online new for 120 or so. This one had a relatively unused Aquarian Response 2 batter on it, so I figured I'd keep it on and let the new owner change it out to their preference. The snare side was torn and the only head I had was diplomat weight, which I might normally use only on a concert snare with cable snares.

Anyhow, after thoroughly cleaning the instrument, I put it back together with these heads and WOW, It sounds just incredible. Very sensitive at the edge, but with a meaty punch. I would have never thought to use a two-ply batter with a diplomat snare, but it works amazingly well and will be experimenting more with this combo on my other higher quality snares.

Has anyone else tried this and what did you think?


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I haven't tried that combo though yesterday I was a Sam Ash and they had a Yamaha kit outfitted with coated response 2's and I have to say I was impressed with the sound. That's the first time I've heard an aquarian head in person other than the superkicks I used to use. My go to the past few years has been a coated PS3 for snare batter

Jeremy Bender

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Yes! I've used a reverse white dot batter over a Diplomat snare side and it produced a great result on my 5x14 brass shell.