Great Prices on Brand New High End Cymbals!


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I went to a "local music store" that I frequant and to my total suprise they had a table set up with "display cymbals", Zildjian cymbals of all models and conditions for 50% OFF!.
Some of them were kinda beat up and old looking but others were basically BRAND NEW!.
They had at least 10 high end Zildjians that were virtually brand new with nothing more than a few finger prints on them. Some of them barely had prints at all, like the two I scored, brand new with a couple of minor finger prints on them and not as much as a single stickmark or tarnish of any kind.

I got them for half price and they were exactly what I was looking for to add to my Zildjian A cymbal pack. All I need is a couple of splashes and I'm done (yeah right).

This was a score and I wish I had more cash because they had plenty more including 2 Zildjian A Custom Effects Crashes, 2 Zildjian A Sweet Rides, 18" Med Thin Crash, 17" Med Thin Crash, a couple of splashes (I wish I had bought) and the creme de la creme, a brand new set of New Beat Hats!, and more!.

Anyone else had similar experiances?.

This is what I got, plus a couple of pics of my cymbal setup (so far)---

17" Zildjian A Med Thin Crash

18" Zildjian A China High

$245 out the door for both!.

Total for my cymbal pack and 2 add ons: $845.

Thats $120 a piece, I'm Stoked!.

Sorry for the dark photo, but you get the picture :]

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very nice score...

once a store has put one out for display it can no longer be sold as new, i see this a lot at the local stores. granted i've never seen 50% off like that, thats a great sale, especially for ones with not even a stick mark on. they musta wanted to move them out pretty fast for some reason.

good to be in the right place at the right time huh?


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Sweet score!

Man I had to laugh at your pic of the collection - my 10 y/o A Medium, having never been cleaned, looks nothing like that!

Nice collection of pies you've got there!
I get most of my cymbals as demos off of ebay. I just snagged a 21" Zildjian K Crash Ride that barely even had fingerprints for $175 shipped, and to think 2 weeks ago I almost spend $335 + tax at my local drum shop! In this economy I can't afford to buy new...

I saw on best buy's website that they sell drums / cymbals but none of the stores within 100 miles do.


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Thanks alot for your posts guys!.

Yeah, I'm suuuper stoked about all of these babies. I'm just addicted to Zildjian A's, they just have the perfect tone for me.

Seperately at GCs decent prices I would have paid around $1500 + Tax, but I got the whole lot for $845.

I was expecting to have to wait for 1/2 a year or more to finish up my collection but Its coming together with a quickness now.