Great pictures, and a few new additions!!


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Well, seeing as there is a hurricane risk then may I offer you what little help I can give by providing shelter for your drums in my house. I'd hate to see those babies get all thrown about in a storm, you know? It's the least I could do.


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hey woah i have seen this kit a few timesw on the forums and it never ceases to impress. cna i ask what finish it is ?


I have always loved your kit and your cymbals. And those chimes look mad cool. I watched your youtube videos as well, and you're very talented for someone who's only played for 2 years! You must practice rudiments daily and have a hell of a good teacher! I envy your skills!


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Man, as if the drum porn in picture form was bad enough, the sound files sound excellent too! I'm always impressed with your playing, and the high-quality recordings you're able to produce. Way to go man. I'd love to have a go on that kit someday.

How do you cut down those cymbals so evenly? Do you have a lathe of some sort? I'd love to try, and I have some tools to do it, but I know that I can't really cut nice circles. (I tried it for a project on my jeep.) What kind of sound interface do you use for your computer? I'd like to set something similar up, but I'm not a techie, so I'm going for a very user-friendly setup.


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do I sense a distinct gavin harrison influence here, a-la the cut-and-modified cymbals? if you say "no". I'll still point out the very systematic way of answering each poster's questions about the kit and pix: quite in gavin's vein on these forums.
i'm kidding. Great pix and that kit just made me jealous :)


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What exactly does a music "producer" do? I'm a high school senior just tryin to figure out what the heck he wants to do the rest of his life.


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I have to say that this is officially my favourite kit on the forum!

There is just something about it that makes me proud to be a drummer!

Congratulations on having such a fine kit



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Just have to say - WOW! That is an incredible setup, the drums are absoloutly gorgeous and what youve done with everything from the cymbals to the rack to the digital gear is truly inspiring - awsome work man!


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Beautiful kit, room and system. Clean and sharp. I could practice in a room like that for days. Thanks for sharing.


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Dude i am so unbelievably envious of your stuff! Wow i can't believe it you have such a nice kit AND recording implements! Amazing.

As for the tin-snips i just used a pair of gardening shears with like 4ft long handles so lots of levarage.