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Hi guys, if you have any questions on re my book "Exercises In African - American Funk", please let me know. You can also check the video on the video page of this site. Cheers!


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Just working on Expanding. My names Dustin Purtan.

I am a Session Drummer! (Studio/Live/Tour)
However, i am always looking for a permanent Home!
I am 22 years young! From Akron, Ohio. Home of American Rock band The Black Keys & NBA Superstar Lebron James. Like i said i am working on expanding.

I have a lot of great covers/remixes you can watch here: or

Connect with me!

Please check out my videos/support/ and refer anyone in need of a solid drummer for any project. Together we can go to the next level! - dP


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Something just for fun or for those interested in something a little different.

I'm a film student but have also been playing drums since I was 8. In my film class last year, there happened to be another 3 students who were also drummers like myself, as well as my lecturer who also plays. Realising it was a rare coincidence, we decided to film the 5 of us having a group improv session along with a sax/guitar and bass player joining in. We had a basic structure, but all was mostly improv.

Check it out! Haven't found anything like this on the net so far! (prove me wrong!)