Great hands for a Lifetime to fix a bad elbow


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Not too happy lately, constant pain in my right elbow and forearm. Went to the MD and he hooked up up to jumper cables and shot electricity through my arms, told me the problem is a lame disc in the 5 to 6th Cervical space.

Said it was not too serious and here is how to fix it, Yoga, Posture, Motrin and steer clear of repetitive motions..... Uh Doc......

Picked up Tommy Igoe's Great hands for a life time on a reccomendation, was able to play 30 minutes per day, very loose.

I guess I thought about it but didnt internalize the message, you can get hurt drumming.
Things are looking up, pain is less.

Highly recommend Great Hands for a Life Time.



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Curious to hear if anybody else had this problem. It's a throbbing that sometimes wakes me up at night. I used to think Drumming didnt make it worse until I started watching Great Hands DVD. He talks about air in the back that produces big sounds in the front.

I have not been able to practice regularly since Christmas without pain. Next stop is physical therapy.

Any advice or experience on elbow and forearm pain would be appreciated.