Great Experience lesson...


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Hi all,

Had a 2 hour lesson with Dom Fumalaro two weeks ago. What a great guy.

In short, Serious when he needs to be , Funny when he needs to be (and you will laugh), and Story Teller when he needs to be.

So if you want to really get into Moeller first hand, and you got a few bucks to kick around, check him out. Lesson is based on the first few pages of "It's your Move".

I can't afford $90/hour every week, but maybe every 3 months is doable. Well worth it.

Myself and teacher decided to use Skype. Was looking forward to trucking out to his place in NY, but would have been a very long day and bad weather. I had my doubts about Skyping, but really with a good connection, both parties can easily see and hear.

Will definitely truck out there in the summer months..