Great deal on a Ludwig 3 piece, $300.00 26" bass drum


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Pretty sure that's a typo, or a scam. I've seen that exact kit with that very photo listed elsewhere before in the $1200+ range.
What, exactly, would be the purpose of the scam?

Yeah,that might be a stupid question, but hey.
To gain money by robbing someone, of course. I’m not going into specifics about the process, but I’ll just say, many drummers here would quickly come up with the cash for that deal.

I know the game of craigslist scamming/theft all too well... and I know a good kid that was shot when he was only trying to sell a phone. People are increasingly getting more desperate, so I’m not surprised people will shoot others over the smallest amounts of money.

This is why you see the replies with the people being safe to protect themselves by arming or other methods. I do all my craigslist deals around a police station, or the many convenience stores that have an on-duty, armed Officer stationed there at all times.

If I was replying to this, I would definitely have the same requirements for meeting as I always do. If they start giving you a bunch of excuses as to why they can’t meet somewhere public, walk away. No insane deal is worth my life.