Great cymbal deals


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I recently needed to purchase an effects cymbal, I have grown tired of the typical china sound, so I was searching for something cleaner. I have owned a Sabian 18"evolution ozone and a 19" Paragon china so I was looking in that direction but didn't want to spend that much again for an effects cymbal. My trust fund (my wife "trusts" I wont spend a lot of money on drum equipment) is extremely low right now. After hearing samples of the B8 Pro 18" Ozone I reluctantly pulled the trigger.. and after bashing this thing for a week or two I feel I got an amazing deal.. It is exactly what I was looking for sonically and for the price ($100) for floor model.. I believe in 30 years it will be up there with Paiste 404's and 505's as one of those "Great cymbal for a budget price" This got me wondering what else fits in this category..


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theres a b8 pro aero crash 18 that sounds great, hard to find but i see them on ebay few times a year for around 100. the b8 ozone also sounds great for a b8 cymbal. sabian apx also has a ozone 18" that sounds great but pretty hard to find



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Cool beans. I've liked the sound of those wholly cym. but I'm afraid they might be prone to crack, so I haven't considered buying one. They do sound good though. Congats. I have a 14" pro China that I really like.


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If you have a little technical know-how you can fit a circular cutter to a drill and create your own Ozones out of used cymbals. I got this Ozone-modded Z Custom medium crash as a trade for an 18" A Rock Crash with a big crack, and an X-hat arm I wasn't using. A guy locally does them.