Great blues jam this past weekend!


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Man, how refreshing! I was invited to a friend's 50 year old birthday party this past Saturday afternoon. For this guy's party, all he wanted was for his musician friends to come over to his place and hang for a while and jam to blues and rock. He already had all the guitars, amps, electronic drums, mics, keys, and other stuff from his home recording studio already set up. All he wanted was for folks to come over and help him celebrate.

The party started at 3 pm and my wife and I got there a bit after that. There were already some folks there about to jam. We walk in and I was immediately told to "get behind the kit, we need drums!" I must have had a big ol' smile on my face because he looked over and started laughing and told me "YOU need this as much as I do!" What could I say? lol

Man, the blues that came down was hot and righteous - the way it was meant to be played. We jammed for hours rotating in and out different people. It was great.

It's so refreshing to play with decent folks and not have to worry about 1) what you look like, 2) what you do for a living, 3) where you work, 4) how old you are, 5) how old your wife is, 6) how many kids you have, 7) the make and model car you drive, 8) what your wife or gf looks like, 9) your wife's or gf's chest size, 10) color hair, 11) color of your wife's or gf's hair, 12) who you have played with before, 13) who has played with you before, 14) what religion you are, 15) if you play in any other bands, 16) what part of town you live in, etc....

No drama, no egos, no bs....just a bunch of people wanting to make some good music and have fun.

Just thought I'd share that after my other post.