Gravity blasts


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2 questions:
Anyone change their grip/fulcrum point they're gravity blasting?
What sorta snare angle and height do you find works best?

I learnt to gravity blast years back when my snare setup was different. I don't think I'm as good at it as I used to be even though I think my snare setup is generally better now.


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I don't ever use gravity blasts (not in my style), but I have learned it just to have in my bag of tricks. Yes, you're grip will change a little bit, but not too much. Stanton Moore uses what he calls the "chameleon grip". It's where your thumb and the middle knuckle on your middle finger will be the pivot point. This may take a little bit of practice if you aren't familiar with it, but it's nothing complicated. Something else that may help you is to just watch a lot of guys on YouTube do it and copy what they do. There on YouTube, look up a guy named Marco Pitruzzella. Not a lot of people know who he is, but, in my opinion, he's the best at gravity blasts. Watch his left hand on the snare very closely, he uses that chameleon grip I told you about. You'll get it.


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Thanks for the info on Marco Pitruzzella being a gravity blast expert!

He is also participating in the Derek Roddy forum, username "Lord Marco":

The guys over there should be able to give quite some info on gravity blast.