Gratitudes/RNL/Zappa's Black Page

Doron Giat

Hey guys,

first I would like to thank everybody again for all the good words about my playing in Project RNL -

.... and second, here's Frank Zappa's "Black Page" recorded by me earlier this year. BTW it was recorded in my studio by Eyal Amir (the producer of Project RNL).
I was searching for other Black Page's videos and I found a few by Terry Bozzio, and few others that didn't stick to the original chart; Anyhow, I didn't find even one video with a decent sound, let me know if you find one.

Here it is:



Staff member
Great playing Doron! I don't pretend to fully understand the format of Black Page, but I do pick up the feel you're putting into the performance. As usual, great skills & sound.