Granstar Custom interior staining


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Hey all!

I picked up 9 piece Candy Apple Red Granstar Custom kit a few months ago (bazinga!), and noted the red interior staining. Was the stained interior offered on all GCs? I have a friend with a lipstick red GC but no interior staining. Tried to do a bit of research on the reason behind it but couldn't find much. Thanks I advance for the help!

Road Bull

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No. The regular Granstars were not stained / painted on the interior shell. I am not sure about Granstar II shells. I don't believe that they are finished on the interior either. I think it looks pretty sharp. I remember seeing maybe a Dave Lombardo or Charlie Benante's kit with the dark inside shell finish. It's funny, I have a Tama Artstar Custom in a British Racing Green stain and the shells are plain maple on the interior.

Congrats on the new kit!!! Let's see some pictures!