GRANDPA Looking for Used Drum Set for GRANDSON (He is only 8 years old) Any Suggestions?

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GRANDPA Looking for Used Drum Set for GRANDSON (He is only 8 years old) Any Suggestions?
As a former Drummer (Eon's ago and not a good one but enjoyed playing) I could really
use some suggestions on Decent Quality Used Drum Sets and where to look beyond local Stores.
I know better than to buy Walmart Specials. I owned 2 sets in the early 1970's: One Slingerland
Trap Kit and One 5 Piece Ludwig. Also know an 8 year-old may give it up pretty quickly so I don't
want to invest more than$350.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Buying used you can likely find better but not likely a complete kit-consider a new Ludwig complete Accent kit for about $400, then lesser name complete kits like Gammon, Mendini or Ashethorpe kits for low as $150 range. The Ludwig kit would be a better quality but for an 8 year old the lesser would be fine for a pilot study. So buy the 150 one save the 200 if he likes it for a better kit later.

Jeremy Shamis

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Crush drums have entry kits that are fine kits and mid-high end kits that are very good.
Thank you. I would assume the Cymbals would be ok to practice with but not exactly going to sound Like
Paste, Sabian or Zildjen (Pardon my most probable mis-spelling of those names). Then again at 8 years
old he should be thrilled to get em. He has been playing guitar for 3 years and stays with it. Only reason
I am even considering this. He also started drums about 8 months ago.
So looking at your local Craiglist, I found a couple things that are within your price, and have hardware, and one of them might even come with cymbals.

There's this Premier kit for $300:

and this Pearl kit for $200:

As always with Craiglist, you can make an offer below the listed price, if it doesn't say "firm," although going too low can be counterproductive. I hate counteroffering but I also hate leaving money on the table. In these cases I might ask if they'd take $25 off or something, but would probably not even bother.


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In addition to the listings that @GretschedHive linked, here's an almost-new Tama Imperialstar with cymbals for $400...maybe you can talk them down. Quality kit for the money.

If you were to buy a new "junior" kit, the Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit is definitely worth considering. It's an everything-is-included kit with good reviews on Amazon and I've also seen positive Youtube reviews as well. The cymbals aren't great but for an 8 year old they'd be perfect. Sound Demo


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GRANDPA Looking for Used Drum Set for GRANDSON (He is only 8 years old) Any Suggestions?
I bought set on eBay that was local pick up only in the L A area back in 2014. 350 dollars got me a good quality 5-piece plus 7 good to pro cymbals, complete set of stands. Basically I got everything but a throne. Be patient and watch. Just match your grandson’s need to someone’s need to clean out the garage.



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Whatever you get, my suggestion is to get a kit with 20" bass drum, due to his size/age. No bigger. I suggest the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch with a 20" bass drum. This will last him well into adulthood and it won't break the bank. Used SC are even a better value. Entry level drums are a waste of money IMO, steer clear. The midrange kits these days are all pro quality IMO. Stage Customs could be the most agreed upon set here, as far as bang for buck goes. You'll enjoy playing it too I reckon.

Here's a nice one:
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I think the size of the bass drum is probably the most critical attribute for a set an 8 yo will be playing... color is probably second 😉. I have twin boys and if they’d wanted some drums at that age, I would have found an 18” bass drum/kit with shallow toms.