Got that text last night....


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My band has awful scheduling conflicts.

The guitar player is a lifelong violinist and a conductor who takes a lot of work with local orchestras and smaller string sections. Lots of weeknight rehearsals and weekend gigs. This on top of him traveling across the country for a week every month for his day job.

The bass player is a full-time student who seems to take a lot of evening classes.

I have my kids almost every weekend and one night during the week, so I'm constrained, too.

Yeah, tough to maintain weekly practices, but we do our best. I think our individual guilt compels us to cut each other a lot of slack. But when we do practice, we're surprisingly productive while going late into the night knocking back barley pops and having a great time.

We play out every month or two and manage to get ourselves reasonably tight.

With the alternative of not playing this cool music with these cool dudes, it becomes no thing at all to make whatever accomodations are necessary to keep it going.

Seems like the OP's BL wasn't in a place where he wanted to be so accommodating. Maybe he has more time on his hands?