Got screwed over and now I need a new kit.. Advice needed

For anyone interested I did some forum research and found another thread that was talking about the Yamaha 9000 kits.. They had a post that had this to say:

"I realize this thread is old, but if anyone is interested, I will offer what I know of these kits. I purchased one of these Yamaha YD9000 kits new in 1979/80 and played it professionally ever since. It is the pre-recording custom kit and has all birch shells. The only real differences between this kit and the early RC's are the lugs. While the Yamaha drum vault states that the 900 "D" shells are birch/camellia, they are actually, according to both the 1978 catalog and the Yamaha rep, 100% birch. I was told there were some mistakes with the drum vault information and the site needed updating.
In 1978, Yamaha marketed the YD9000 system drums and the YD7000 series, which were camellia/mahogany, if I remember correctly. I also believe in '79 or '80 they introduced the YD5000 series. Yamaha history on the YD9000's is a little spotty and it is difficult to find the correct information-even from the company.Yamaha actually introduce the YD9000 (Recording Series) line somewhere between 1975 and 1977. Originally, the kits had the single high-tension lugs and for some reason changed to the split lugs in 1978 and 1979, but went back to the single lug design in 1980 or 1981. As I understand it, the places of manufacture, i.e. Japan, Taiwan, England, were just different manufacturing facilities and really had no bearing on the quality of the drums, although labor costs were probably lower in Taiwan at the time.
Anyway, I hope this information is helpful to someone! The kits pictured on this page look great and I am sure sound even better. I love my Yamaha's and have definitely gotten my money's worth and then some out of them! I have a natural wood finish kit that not only still looks beautiful, it sounds incredible! "

Minor update, got ahold of the Yamaha guy on cl. He said he thinks he has a buyer lined up and that he would get back to me.. Looks like the search will continue!


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Minor update, got ahold of the Yamaha guy on cl. He said he thinks he has a buyer lined up and that he would get back to me.. Looks like the search will continue!

Ahhh that sucks.. i was oddly excited to see you get this kit as it seems like an amazing deal :(


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Ohh man.. i have such a desire for a rogers kit, and i have no idea why.. that blue turns my stomach though. but what a deal.. edit: Actually may not end up a deal... i hate people that don't put a buy it now :(

P.S. that shipping seems crazy low..

How about some of the best drums Rogers ever made? They're vintage. Made in USA.

Rogers XP-8


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The Platinum's were PDP's top of the line kit before the Concept Maple. Lots of sh!t hit the fan in Mexico and DW had to close the Encenida plant to keep their workers safe. The Platinums were discontinued, the Performance series moved production to the US, and the Concept series became the new top dog and are built over seas.


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From what I read these are 100% North American Maple shells made in Mexico.

I'm far from a DW/PDP expert but from what he is offering (Drums and 2 tom mounting stands) it seems like a decent deal. And I'm sure a good solid offer would take these today.

The videos I've watched (because I was also thinking about making an offer to the seller but I digress being I really don't need another kit) all sound great. Real warm and punchy, just the way I like my drums to sound.

If you decide against them let me know.


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I'm going for it guys. I'll let you know how it goes I'm gonna swing by and get them tomorrow hopefully!
I think you will be very happy with your choice.

One thing I noticed is these drums are very close to me (I also live in Beaver County) and according to the map on the mobile app the seller is only a couple miles from me.

To bad I'm out of town tomorrow or we could hook up and check these out together.

Good luck and hope all goes well.
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