Got nicknames?


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The worst kind. Bane of my existence are “bass players” (generally guitarists who think bass must be easy because “only 4 strings”. When you find a good bassist it’s like finding gold (at least where I am anyway, no one seems to just learn bass). I finally found a good one and it’s just the best.
I've played in bands with great bass players, I tolerated this guy for years. I play bass, although drums are my primary instrument. I once stated that he was the fourth best bassist in the band. (A five piece band.) The lead guitarist, drummer (me), and sound men were actual bass players.

I'll be good now.

Al Strange

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I played in a band with a grown man (in his sixties) who came up with the nick-name for him self, "Alien-made".

"Um... no, I refuse to call you that."

"Well, what do you want to call me?"

"F 'n idiot"

Honestly, our relationship soured after that. (True story.)
Thinking about it, my brother (and only my brother!) calls me A.L.F (alien life form)...maybe I can ask him to add “made” to it? :unsure: ;)