got my LM402 Supra.

being that i just dropped some coin on a LB417 14x6 1/2 Black Beauty, i had no intensions of buying anything else at all. that lasted till i stopped by the local Guitar Center for some Remo Ambassadors for the BB that had'nt arived yet. on my way out of the drum department i noticed something chrome with imperial lugs and a blue/olive badge. its a used LM402. this is a blue/olive reissue i'm guessing o couple/few years old. the previous owner had just fitted the drum with Puresound 20 strand blasters and a new remo amb snare side. i could'nt pass, $250 out the door. i got it home, wiped the finger prints off with a microfiber and the drum is in mint condition, not a scratch. i put a coated Emporer batter on it, and it sounds incredible. this is the snare i should have bought 20 years ago. as of this post, i have my BB LB417 and its killer too, i'm just not sure which i like better.
on the LM402, i have the bottom head fairly cranked up, the batter is just above medium, but not real tight, still has a nice feel/give to it. i cant get over how crisp and responsive this drum is. playing rolls of center the drum realy sings with a pleasing ringy overtone. this is the best $250 i have ever spent on anything drum related.


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i have my BB LB417 and its killer too, i'm just not sure which i like better.

Ha!! I hear you brother. I've actually just decided to alternate days of the week, 'cos I can never decide either.

Now if you really wanna throw a spanner in the works......pick up a bronze Supra as well. That renders the situation truely impossible to try a pick a favourite.

They are both great snares mate. Enjoy 'em.....I know they'll both deliver in spades for you. :)


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+1000.My mate Jules has impecable taste in drums,and he speaks the truth.Those are 3 of the best snare drums on the planet.There are others that come close,but that Ludwig mojo just makes them legendary.Nothing to me,beats the greatest name on drums.

Steve B


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I only own 2 snares: an LM402 and an LB417. I might be slightly more neurotic than PFOG because I switch back and forth at least twice every practice.

Reminds me of White And Nerdy (by Weird Al)... "only question I ever thought was hard was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard." Just substitute in Supra and Black Beauty...

I'd stay away from those bronze jobs. Don't want to make things any more complicated, right?


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Just spent 25 mins each with the Supra, the BB, the hammered bronze and for good measure, I even tinkered with the 400 again for the first time in ages......there's a hell of a lotta funk in that little baby, but I reckon the deeper snares is where it's at.

I'm still none the wiser on a favourite though....but by god it was fun trying to decide. If they were wives I'd have no choice but to turn Mormon.

I'm rollin' with Gordon Gekko.....Greed is good, indeed!

My conclusion is......bugger it, get 'em all!! :)


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Get em all!

You can never have too MANY snares, when it comes to Ludwigs, no limit.

I love Ludwigs snares, best ever.


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Like me and others here, you have the best of both worlds. I've been playing an LM402 since 1988, and only recently hopped on the LB417 train. The Supra is so very sweet and musical, always pleasing, yet the BB is growing on me more and more with each passing day. Obviously, the common description is the Supra is drier, while the BB is wetter. Very different drums, both excellent.