Got a 10" Ludwig Element Tom


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I have a 70's era Ludwig 3 ply set in smaller sizes, 12/14 rides, 16 floor and a 20 Kick. The snare is an old 50's Slingerland.

I don't believe that Ludwig ever made a 10" Tom in 2nd Gen Blue Oyster Pearl.

So I picked up a never used Ludwig Element 10" Tom in a deep brown color that was orphaned from a Lacquer Series Fusion Kit.

I was really impressed with the quality of the drum. The construction is very nice and clean, nothing like my old vintage drums! But the sound with the clear heads that came with it left something to be desired.

So tonight I put a coated Ambassador on the bottom and a coated Emperor on the top. The shell has a pitch right at C. So I tuned the reso at a C and the top a third lower.

The little drum sounds very good! It mounted up right at home and sounds great with the other toms, nice and melodic with a tone that fits right in with the other toms.