Gordon Lightfoot: 'I Like Everything to Swing'

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Gordon Lightfoot: 'I Like Everything to Swing'

SKF NOTE: On April 14 I wrote about Gordon Lightfoot's great band. Here in an April 21 newspaper story is Mr. Lightfoot himself praising his band. One other point: Gordon clearly thinks of himself as a band member. That comes through in this story and also onstage.

Gordon Lightfoot sings 'the cream of the crop'
By Dustin Schoof For the Pocono Record
Posted Apr. 21, 2016 at 8:06 PM

Lightfoot promised not to shy away from playing his most popular tracks during his Stroudsburg stop. He described the atmosphere of his current show — in which he runs through about 40 songs, or what he described as “the cream of the crop” — as being rather lively.

“This really is a folk rock band,” he said. “Everything I do has a momentum of its own. Some if it really is really good, solid folk rock. Everything I do has a beat to it. I like everything to swing.”

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