GoPro test ,drums.


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The audio/video is always good on those cameras but they are dizzying to watch for drumming.


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So GoPro and Zoom-it sounds like that little kick is mic'ed? The audio sounds great for a live experience, but I'd fix the position of the GoPro. Nice noodling too.


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I agree, nice playing, nice drum sound, everything nice..:)

I looked the whole video, but to look at this is horrible, because of the "rollercoaster-idea"..

Personally, after 10 seconds i had enough of that..


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Agree with others... the helmet cam is rarely a good view. Especially playing drums.
Your playing is good.
I’m taking a stab here, but it seems your interested in telling a story with your videos.
Experiment more with the camera. I watch youtuber Jeremy Siers for other reasons, but I do remember he on occasion will be an open book and share his thoughts and experiences with how he produces his material.
For example...

I imagine there is a ton more videos on how to shoot videos and use a GoPro.
You know how to play... now figure out what would make the viewer interested enough to watch your stuff.


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Was also amazed at how close your left side cymbal is to the hihat rod, and the boom for your rightside cymbal extends over top of the floor tom.


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Nice drums, nice cymbals, great tuning, great playing, good recording. As others have said, put the camera in a still place and you can produce brilliant video.