Goodbye to a great store, great deal on a DW


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Henri's Music of Appleton/Oshkosh/Green Bay just announced they are going out of business. Just wanted to give them a shout out of thanks for being good to me over the years. Sorry to lose you guys esp. Audrey in drums.
Wanted to get this out there to all my friends at Drummerworld...The Appleton location has a new DW Collectors maple, natural lac, virgin 22 bass, 10,12,14 toms, 14x? (5-6?) mega ply matching snare. I was in there today and looked it over closely and it's totally cherry. All five pieces for $2500. Also they have 2 9000 series double tom mounts for $100a piece. I was so close to buying it, I could not sleep last night because I was going there this AM to probably buy it. Anyway...I got there, took the kit into the sound room set it up / tuned it how I like. No matter how I tuned it I just could not get it to sound better than my Renowns. Don't get me wrong, it was sweet sounding. I just didn't get "wow'ed" by it.I'm not trying to pick a fight..just my opinion. I was disappointed because I always wanted a DW kit and this was such a great deal. But.....for all you DW lovers out there and those who think I can't tune a drum check it out if you can, they are online. The liquidators take over next week..I would like them to get the business and not some bank.


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I was in Henri's a few years ago and picked up some used cymbals at a great price, including a 26" '60s Zildjian! I remember there was another music store or two across the street, right by Chili John's (YUM!)

Sad to see them go... that's one less cool place to visit when I pass through.