*Good* YouTube comments


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jeez i guess i gotta lighten up a little...i probly have some suppressed childhood issues. i think i'll try it just to be risque'. maybe it"ll help my concentration too!


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From a Peter Erskine vid: "Too dark/ dry a cymbal for my taste....but let's face it: Erskine could play a slice of cheese with a celery stick and it would still swing like mad."


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Jonescrusher, I suppose chewing nicotine gum is a sign that you want to be punching everything anyway? In which case, good combination of therapy and productiveness!
Like Jones, nicotine gum is my playing poison. Haven't thought about whether it improves my concentration (or how close I get to punching things) ... I just chew a lot of the stuff whether I'm drumming or not. Drumming is definitely good therapy, though ... like anything that gets you operating in real time.

Like the Erskine comment, Numberless :)


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YouTube recommended this vid to me with Jeff Berlin and Vinnie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6at4jSG3cUc

The comedians had a field day with Jeff Berlin's stage persona :)

he is awesome but it totally looks like jeff berlin is gonna take a dump right there on the stage

You'd have a poopy look on your face too if you could play like that LOL

Was Jeff Berlin ever an 80's porn star?

His pornstar name in Germany was Jeffgang Basenmeister.

Jeff is awesome, but that cop moustache has to go.

My first band, Kevin, was named after Jeff Berlin's moustache.

bitchin mustache

Freddie Mercury on bass haha..

No, f* the mustache, my boy has a yellow tank top with a blue blazer over it.....wow

Wow! Jeff berlin actually had some fashion sense back then!


I saw Frank Gambale and the other parts of my brain went 'no, no!'.