good resonant heads?


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I'm looking to get a really good low end out of my set
which resonants would be goo for that on a fusion size set?


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I have a pdp mx (same thing but different finish). I still have my stock resos on but i would reccomend evans g1 clear but im not sure if its gonna give you low end.


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I'm about to get some evans g2s and I think I'll just put my remo emperors on my resonants


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I just put a set of Evans EC resonant heads on my fusion birch set. I was very impressed by them. In the past I would have to put a little moongel on my 12 and 14 toms, I don't use any now that I have the EC res.

It really mellows the overtones out, not to much but just enough.

I am using EC1's on my batter side.


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thanks for the advice
I think what I'm gonna do is just put my emperors on the resos
it's gonna blow the stock resos out of the water
on my 12 in tom I had a left over g2 that I put on the batter and put the emperor on the reso
and that seems to work great
I can't wait to get my ec2s though