good progress based educational drum vids. are they out there???


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i'm a drummer of 10 years. had a number of lessons with different teachers over the years. play in a band, etc.... not particularly bothered about being a technical jazz drummer, but would like to improve my skills - doesn't everyone? i have a young family and i haven't got the time (or spare cash) to go visit a private drum tutor so i've tried a number of instructional dvd's and to be honest, i haven't really got on with any of them. they often spend loads of time over-explaining the basics (i.e. grip, fulcrum, etc) and then go straight in to rudimental exercises which are too fast or complex for a mediocre rock drummer like myself to play along to. OR they explain their own fills and grooves which i'm not particularly interested in - there are an infinite number of options around the kit and i can make up my own fills/grooves thank you very much! i don't need someone on a dvd to demo their own ideas which i then spend more time trying to remember and copy than actually working on playing/technique etc. i quickly lose interest and chuck it on the pile with the other dvd's!

i was thinking - does nobody do a simple back-to-basics progress based educational video that you can work on for say, 30 mins a day? i.e. here's a 5 stroke roll. play it 80bpm. when you get to 120bpm move on to paradiddle and repeat. when you've nailed them both at 120bmp, play them with this groove. then move on to next exercise, etc etc. tick them off as you go along - you get the idea

i've checked out drumeo and mikeslessons and although they look great, they don't appear to be that progressed based

does such a wonderful dvd/online training regime exist?!

cheers (and sorry for the rant!)


Two questions that may help with responsive replies. What dvd's have you already tried? Do you read music well enough to use instructional books (which are often made up of progressively difficult exercises)

So one dvd's I would suggest checking out is Tommy Igoe's Great hands for Life. There are reviews on this forum and amazon to get a feel for what it offers and see if it might be what you might be looking for.
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1. Learn how to use your hands so you can control your sticks - check out Bill Bachman.
2. Learn the DNA of rhythm so you can play anything you hear or that comes into your mind - check out Benny Greb, The Language of Drumming.

Additionally, practice slowly with a metronome AND (now for the secret sauce...) play either a high hat or bass drum on the quarters and learn where everything lands in relation to the 1.


I also recommend Bill's site highly, I am using it for the "complete hands makeover" and it really has helped both with my execution and lessening the pain I sometimes expedience in my wrist and thumb.